Working with Packages in Bazaar using bzr-builddeb


Storing a package in a version control system can give many benefits, particularly the record of changes, and the ability to work with multiple branches and pull changes between them.

Bazaar is a modern distributed version control system that can be used for this task. Bazaar aims to be easy to use, and provides all of the features that you would expect of a version control system. However to ease working with packages that are stored in version control other features need to be provided. Bazaar has a plugin system that allows the set of commands to be supplemented with others, and so a plugin exists to provide extra commands useful for working with packages. This plugin is named bzr-builddeb.

This document aims to explain the features provided by the plugin, explain some of the choices that are available when deciding how you want to work, and provide examples of putting a package under version control and working with it. It is not a tutorial on Bazaar itself, and it is assumed that you know how to work with Bazaar already. If you do not then there are tutorials available.

If you do not yet have the plugin installed then you can see the Installation section for details on how to do this.

The plugin operates in several different modes depending on the type of package and how you want to work. Each mode has its own documentation for many tasks, so you should read the documentation for your mode. If you do not know which mode you would like to use then you can either read about each mode in its page, or use the Mode Selector.

The modes are

The remainder of the documentation explains general features of the package. These sections are