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New Maintainer Process

The New Maintainer process (NM), is a sequence of steps that you must go through if you wish to become a DebianDeveloper. It attempts to make sure that all DDs have a certain set of skills, and understand the SocialContract and DebianPolicy, and that they are willing and able to work in a community environment.

Broadly the steps involved are

  1. Application. A prospective NM applies to start the process. They must demonstrate they have several things, including free time, a GPG key that corresponds to their identity, and an existing contribution to Debian. The applicant also requires an existing DD to advocate them, saying that they think they would be an asset to Debian. This should be someone that has worked with the applicant. If the application is accepted then applicant becomes known as an NM, or it is said they are in NM. They are assigned an ApplicationManager (AM), who will guide them through the process, and who asks them questions and sets tasks during the next sections.
  2. Philosophy and Procedures. The NM must demonstrate that they have an understanding of the philosophy of Debian, primarily expressed in the DFSG and the SocialContract. They must also show that they understand common procedures within Debian, such as working with the BugTrackingSystem and the ?DebianLifecycle.
  3. Tasks and Skills. The AM will work with the applicant to assess the skills they have in Debian tasks. This will vary depending on the interests and abilities of the applicant. Usually it will take the form of packaging tasks, and fixing bugs.
  4. If the AM is happy with the performance of the NM over the previous two sections they will recommend that the NM be accepted as a DD.
  5. A member of the FrontDesk checks the report to make sure that the work the NM did was sufficient and of a high enough standard.
  6. There is a final check from the DebianAccountManager, who will create the account for the new Developer if they approve the application.

The process can take a long time, over a year in some cases, so it is not to be undertaken lightly. See ?BecomingADebianDeveloper for more information.

There is much more information available at the New Maintainer's Corner.