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How to use the site

Well using it easy. Just look around and find the information you need (search will be enabled soon I hope).

Of course there is a reason this is a wiki, so that other people can add information to it. So if you see a mistake in a page, or you have something to add, just edit the page and do so. It can help if you sign of the chages like --[[YourName]] so that we can see who said what.

There are also the Discussion links for every page if you have something to say, or a question to ask.

I mihgt add a questions section later, but at the moment I am leaning away from it, as there are plenty of other places to ask questions, see ?GettingHelp.

If you do want to contribute you must remember that this is a wiki, and as such others will be able to add to what you put in here. I will try and ensure it remains civil though, and nobody tries to claim somebody elses work as their own.

Anything you add to the site remains your own work, and you are free to do what you like with it. As for my work you are free to link to it, or to copy it somewhere else, but please consider linking back to the original source if you do so.

There are also some other things I would like to try and keep up as we go through, like improving the Glossary, so if you see something that should be defined then add a definition to it. If you see a reference to something in the Glossary that isn't linked there then consider adding a link, just add [[Glossary/Keyword]] to the page, and the link will be created.

I will probably also add some feeds to the site when it becomes clear which areas would benefit from it. If you are interested in this let me know.

And as for housekeeping the following links might be useful, OrphanedPages, BrokenLinks, PageStats.