Mr LeSage, I just happened to run bzr plugins today, and noticed this:

    (no description)

Curious as to what the hell that was, I ran the command again with -v and saw that it was installed in my ~/.bazaar/plugins/ directory. I opened the file and found this that I wrote a few months ago:

from bzrlib.commands import Command, register_command

class cmd_make_me_a_sandwich(Command):

    def run(self):
        self.outf.write("What? Make it yourself.\n")

class cmd_sudo_make_me_a_sandwich(Command):

    def run(self):


Not quite what you were after though. That would be this plugin:

class SandwichCommand(Command):

    def run(self, **kwargs):
        for name, arg in kwargs.items():
            if arg != name:
                self.outf.write(self.fail_message + "\n")
                return 1
        self.outf.write(self.success_message + "\n")
        return 1

class cmd_make(SandwichCommand):

    takes_args = ["me", "a", "sandwich"]
    fail_message = "Make you a what?"
    success_message = "What? Make it yourself."

class cmd_sudo(SandwichCommand):

    takes_args = ["make", "me", "a", "sandwich"]
    fail_message = "Of course, but what do you want me to do?"
    success_message = "Okay."


I'm still none the wiser as to why I wrote that plugin in the first place though.