We hadn't really realised but some gnutls related packages are Priority: Important, and as such are due to be frozen soon for etch. There has been some upstream activity in the area recently, with several releases. Luckily the timing was really good, and the uploads made it in such that they should progress to etch quickly, without causing any trouble for the release team.

Also there has been some action from a couple of the maintainers holding up the gnutls11 and libtasn1-2 removal. This just leaves two packages, one of which the maintainer has tagged pending, and nutmeg has just upgraded the bugs to serious to try and prod the maintainers. It is possible then that removal can be requested before the release team calls the freeze that is supposed to include these packages.

gnutls13 builds a gnutls-dev package, which will make this easier in the future... until there is an API change and we have to switch back to gnutlsXX-dev and get all packages to migrate again. It is hard to know which is the better approach, but at least this way it only requires rebuilds while things stay calm.