I came across Anthony Raijekov the other day, and was treated to some of his Trip-Hop, which is outstanding. That was an added bonus though, as I sought him out to download his Piano track: "Photo Theme: Window Like". You can find him on Jamendo and on ccmixter. I would highly recommending going to listen, and donating via Jamendo if you like what you hear.

This also led me to go back and listen to some new stuff from Amether, who I found a few years ago thanks to Rob Da Bank. Definitely worth checking out, especially their remix of "Artisan - Hold my breath".

On the freely available, if not freely licensed side I noticed a new station from the excellent SomaFM today: Lush. It is said to be "Sensuous and mellow vocals, mostly female, with an electronic influence," and so far I am enjoying it though it is rather similar to Groove Salad. I find that I can't keep SomaFM on all day every day while working though, as I find that it repeats tracks just a little too often.

I've also been listening a lot to Ombilikal which covers the harder edge very well, with some breaks, drum and bass, and dubstep amongst other things.

While in Barcelona I had the pleasure of meeting Karl Fogel (and hearing him play, which was a treat), and talking a bit about free content. He explained to me some of the things that they are trying to do with, and some of their methods. It's great to see more projects working on the issue in a very constructive manner, and I hope that they succeed. So that we can have many more artists like Anthony Raijekov that I can discover and reward for their work more directly.