The lecturer who taught me evolutionary computing was also a devout Christian, who believed that the world is the way that it is because God created it, rather than it evolving via natural selection.

This was quite surprising to us when he revealed this, but he did not see a problem with holding this view. He recognised that there was a fundamental conflict between Darwinism and Creationism, but not one between his work and his religious beliefs. He could see that the theory of natural selection could be an effective optimisation algorithm where the form that the solution would take was not entirely clear, but it was not his belief that this was the mechanism by which humans arrived on this earth.

It's an interesting feature of science that he was able to hold this position and still research in the field. At one point in the year he did give a lecture on creationism itself. This was not one of the lectures that made up our course, it was an optional lecture at luchtime, open to the whole engineering faculty and other members of the University. I did not attend, but many people got very excited beforehand, seeing it as a chance to go and argue with a holder of this belief and try to discredit the idea. Perhaps they were also spurred on by the fact that he was a man of science, and so potentially more likely to listen to an argument of logical reasoning.

I don't think anyone convinced him, and I doubt anyone ever will, he has obviously confronted this issue many times in the course of his work and still holds the two potentially conflicting ideas in his head.