I was thrilled this morning to finally come up with what I hope is a fix for a bug in ConsoleKit that has been plauging a lot of users, judging by the number of subscribers and duplicates on the Ubuntu bug

I was happy to get upload fixes for various other bugs and sponsor some more from other members of the community.

I was pleased to see a group of people to come together to prepare uploads for the 2.24.1 release of GNOME.

I enjoyed going to my favourite curry restaurant for lunch and listen to the stories from my friend's trip to Malawi.

I was disappointed to read an article on the today after I saw a pointer to it.

I was saddened to read this post in response.

Carolyn, if on the off chance you read this post, I'm sorry that you feel that way. I can only hope it doesn't end your involvement with our community, though I would understand if it did, it can't be easy to be involved with a community which makes you feel like that, no matter how infrequently. I can only promise that I will try and discourage things I see which I feel are likely to provoke similar reactions, and do my best to build communities that are welcoming. I also apologise in advance for those times when I fall short.

-- This post belongs to Lionel Richie