Next month we have another Ubuntu Developer Week. It's still in the planning stage, and there will be a proper announcement later, so if you are interested in attending wait for that.

This post is for those who are in a position to give sessions. I want to get several MOTU School sessions included in the schedule, but for that I need presenters willing to give them.

There's a list of some ideas for sessions at

as always. If there is a session there that you would like to give then get in touch with me. It doesn't have to be one from that list, I'm interested in any session that you are willing and able to present.

In particular I'm really keen to see the sessions on Java this time. I'll speak to the Soyuz team to see if they are willing to present a session, as that one has several votes. I'll also probably present a bzr session with David, and a packaging with bzr session.

If you want to have a session during the week on something then stick your name and the title on

or grab dholbach or me to discuss it.

Speaking of dholbach, let's make this developer week ROCK!

I'll leave you with Eugene O'Neill:

There is no present or future,
only the past happening over and over again,