After I got a working wireless card I was finally able to fix the xfce4-wavelan plugin. After I had ported it to the Xfce 4.4 API it stopped working on a lot of systems. I don't think that I caused this, I think it was more the recompilation against updated wireless stack in the kernel that was what highlighted it.

The fix was quite simple in the end. I looked at the source of wireless-tools, and came up with this diff.

- = 0;
+ = sizeof(struct iw_statistics);

It seems some implementations interpreted the 0 as some large number or similar, most took it to mean 0, and returned E2BIG. Setting it to the size of the returned object allowed it to work.

Until I get a goodies account sorted out then I will host the release at, including some unofficial Debian packages.

[Update: I have just release 0.5.2 as well, this fixes the other bugs that I wanted to. Only one left that I know about (stats slightly wrong sometimes, but I don't know if that can be helped).]